Voices From the Past

June 23, 2013

If there’s one site really important for Cyberculture in general, this site is TEXTFILES.COM. I love to spend hours just digging into its archives.

The way content was preserved, sorted, and made available by Jason Scott is truly amazing. Really recommended for real geeks.

You will find some relevant historical content there, like +ORC tutorials (a must for everyone really interested in RCE and its underlying culture), “From Crossbows to Cryptography: Thwarting the State via Technology ” (a very special essay, in the light of recent NSA/Obama scandal), and the classic “Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit“.

As exotic/funny/nonsense/conspiratorial stuff (amusing, nonetheless), there are some pearls like “Real Programmers Don’t Use PASCAL“, “The Tao Of Programming“, “A Review of MIBs“, and “The UFO Conspiracy“.

Consider helping this important project. And buy BBS: The Documentary if you can (more information here and here).