There’s something about Python…

July 27, 2014

Every time I program in Python, a have this strange productivity feeling. It’s very cool, though I must confess that my appreciation of the language (and its ecosystem) was developed slowly.

More than a decade ago, in another life, I employed Perl as my scripting language (for subjective reasons, Ruby always felt weird). Python definitely wasn’t love at first sight. But now I like it very much (after all, it’s a voluntary language).

One thing that always annoyed me was syntactically significant whitespace (Landin’s off-side rule). At first, it seemed silly trying to make a readable programming language through block indentation. Even harmful. But leading significant whitespace is something that we can get used to really fast (useful to catch dangling elses quickly).

A long time ago, Eric Raymond wrote a nice article about this subject on Linux Journal (“Why Python?“). It’s better than anything I can come up with.