Emacs 24.4, where is my good old newline?” May 01, 2015

Since Emacs 24.4 came out, RET and C-j were swapped.

Some Notes for Beginners Apr 28, 2015

From time to time, software engineering basics need a review.

Another take on programming handles Mar 22, 2015

Low level APIs should provide aggregation alternatives for their opaque descriptors’ consumers.

Coding Regexps Can Also Save the Day Mar 01, 2015

Regular expressions can also easy the pain of coding repetitive tasks.

Another case for indirection: programming handles/descriptors Feb 16, 2015

All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection” - why not applying this old aphorism to opaque handles/descriptors?

Paranormal Going Digital - An Intriguing Possibility Feb 07, 2015

Could light be used to allow paranormal phenomena to happen on a digital basis?

Coding Macros Can Save the Day Jan 19, 2015

Learning how to use editor macros can easy the pain of coding repetitive tasks.

Nice call, Microsoft… nice call… Dec 26, 2014

Microsoft decided to really push some Windows updates forward.

Variable Declaration Placement in C/C++ Nov 03, 2014

Variable declaration is a subtle subject in C/C++.

Vocoders: a Conceptual Model for ITC EVP? Oct 05, 2014

Can vocoder technology provide a conceptual model for Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) discussion/analysis?