A Challenge-Response Protocol for ITC Authentication Sep 06, 2014

A protocol based on hard math problems is proposed for ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) video phenomena authentication.

Hello, Pelican! (goodbye, WordPress) Aug 25, 2014

After 2 years of WordPress blogging, something had to be done.

There’s something about Python… Jul 27, 2014

Python is one hell of a good programming language.

Learn Your Coding Editor Really Well Jun 28, 2014

Learning how to use powerful editors like Emacs/Vim can boost your productivity.

A Crypto Protocol for ITC Authentication May 18, 2014

A simple cryptographic protocol is proposed for ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) phenomena timeline authentication.

Audacity Rocks! Apr 28, 2014

Audacity is an amazing/customizable audio manipulation tool.

Emacs, the forgotten Virtual Machine Mar 05, 2014

Long before virtual machines became trendy, Emacs delivered a high customizable and powerful environment for many tasks.

goto considered harmful” - really?! Feb 23, 2014

Recent Apple vulnerabilities pose the question: are ‘goto’ statements really harmful?

HSM Synchronization: DINAMO Replication #3 Dec 31, 2013

Final post about DINAMO distributed architecture.

The Curious Case of the Security Token Nov 05, 2013

A “war” story about crypto-tokens, reverse-engineering, and vendor nonsense.