HSM Synchronization: DINAMO Replication #2 Oct 14, 2013

Second post about DINAMO distributed architecture.

HSM Synchronization: DINAMO Replication #1 Sep 30, 2013

Time to talk about DINAMO distributed architecture.

Dependency Injection Isn’t Only an OOP Concept Aug 31, 2013

DI is as a simpler concept than what is usually found on literature.

Voices From the Future Aug 14, 2013

A beautiful voice-based technology integration.

C/C++: (avoid) Asserting that a Lock is Taken Jul 29, 2013

Lock state assertions are usually a bad idea.

Voices From the Past Jun 23, 2013

TEXTFILES.COM, the hidden treasure of Cyberculture.

Table Driven Code Jun 23, 2013

Table driven code is cool (structured, maintainable, and usually fast).

Code Pinpointing - Zen Approach #4 Jun 14, 2013

Fourth post dedicated to low-level code-pinpointing/tracking/debugging.

Why am I a vegetarian? Jun 09, 2013

A personal tale of vegetarianism.

Weird Hiring Practices in IT Market May 12, 2013

Sometimes, IT market hiring practices are really weird.