Lock Pools and Resource Groups to the Rescue Apr 11, 2013

On lock pools, resource groups, and minimizing serialization costs.

Taking Responsibility Mar 20, 2013

There are developers that always seem to find some way to avoid taking responsibilities.

Code Pinpointing - Zen Approach #3 Feb 23, 2013

Third post dedicated to low-level code-pinpointing/tracking/debugging.

The Sad Reality of Visual Studio 2012 Feb 10, 2013

A small rant about VS 2012 bad shape.

Back to the Basics: The Mighty Assert Jan 17, 2013

ASSERT usage 101, or how to spend less time in the debugger.

ELF symbol visibility and the perils of name clashing Jan 04, 2013

ELF dynamic symbol resolution scope can cause trouble to developers.

On Esperanto and Other Wonderful Ideas Nov 26, 2012

Great ideas, like Esperanto, are ahead of their time. And priceless.

Code Pinpointing - Zen Approach #2 Nov 10, 2012

Second post dedicated to low-level code-pinpointing/tracking/debugging.

DIGIPASS GO3… Here’s everything I know Nov 04, 2012

Personal DIGIPASS GO3 reverse-engineering saga.

DINAMO: past, present, and future Nov 02, 2012

Some background on DINAMO HSM history.